Abandoned mine Sitarjevec

Abandoned mine Sitarjevec near Litija, Slovenia is famous for it’s variety of different minerals like Limonite, Galenite and Cinnabar. Our goal this time was to prepare to get some archaeologically important artifact from the depth of the mine. Beside that we also took  some pictures. There is abundance of colors ranging from yellow and orange to brown and black. Most of orange-like colors come from mineral Limonite, which forms stalactites and stalagmites. It is believed that there is world fastest growing stalagmite in this mine.

Photo: Uroš Kunaver with Tanja Tomšič, Marko Hrovat, Blaž Dovžan, Andrej Drevenšek, Rafko Urankar – Cile, Luka Večerin, Tomaž Miklavčič – Boni and Lojze Blatnik

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