Planinska jama – Rakov rokav

Planinska jama (Planina cave) is one of the water caves in Slovenia. It is famous because of the underground confluence of two substantial rivers. It is over 6 km long and consists of two water channels: one coming from Postojna cave (called Pivški rokav after stream Pivka) and the other coming from Cerknica polje through the valley of Rak, hence named Rakov rokav (Rak channel). This is more or less the same water that flows through Zelške jame (Zelše caves) we visited a few weeks earlier. The water in Rak channel was quite low at the time, but can rise for a few meters in the rainy season. The extend of the flood can be seen on photos as black belt on the rocks above the current water surface.

Photo Uroš Kunaver with Matija Perne, Stephanie Sullivan, Mateja Centa and Nika Pišek Szillich.

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