Pološka jama – Lower parts

During our last visit we ran out of time and did not reach the bottom of the cave. This time we planned to go directly to the bottom. We easily reached the point where we stopped in November and just continued to follow the water. When water disappeared we encountered a maze of old lenticular corridors similar to those near the entrance, where one have to crawl on his knees or even belly. We crawled some of them and took some pictures there. Then we photographed some scenes in the underground creek and even went up the inflow for some time until it became too wet, too narrow and too late. On the way back we took some pictures of a small scenic lake in entrance parts of the cave. At each site we took several pictures with different lighting to fullfil different tastes of different observers so it is up to you to decide which setup you like best.

Photo: Uroš Kunaver with Matija Perne and Lojze Blatnik.

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