In late spring 2019 members of our caving club discovered a virgin cave territory around Planina Poljana above Bohinj, Slovenia. There were a lot of entrances and the decision was to name caves in this area by words used in local dialect. One of the first entrances found was named Grvn, which means “to go up”. It quickly became the deepest and longest cave of this area. At the time we took these photographs the cave was 402 m deep and 1800 m long with numerous possible continuations. After a short entrance shaft the cave continues with a series of quite deep shafts down to -270 m with narrow passages between them. At 270 m the cave becomes narrower, shafts shorter and a maze of fossil passages opens on every step. 60 m deeper shafts end in a huge fossil gallery which offers possible continuations on both sides. There is also a shaft leading from the gallery to the deepest point of the cave.

Photo Uroš Kunaver with Nika Pišek Szillich, Jure Bevc, Matic Di Batista and Špela Borko.

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